Jude Neale

Jude Neale brings the craft of denim artistry back in the game, using new modern tools and inovative technology. They select partners who align with their pricipals and their priority is to craft artistry through processes that adhere to the highest standards of ethics and environmental sustainability.
Jude Neale Jesse Polo Navy-Men's Shirts-Howard-Surrey-Canada
Jude Neale Jesse Polo Black-Men's Shirts-Howard-Surrey-Canada
Jude Neale Axe Oxford Denim Jean-Men's Denim-Howard-Surrey-Canada
Jude Neale Kip Long Sleeve Crew Tee Black-Men's T-Shirts-s-Howard-Surrey-Canada
Jude Neale Kip Long Sleeve Crew Tee Morocan Blue-Men's T-Shirts-s-Howard-Surrey-Canada
Jude Neale Axe Raw Denim Jean-Men's Denim-Howard-Surrey-Canada