34 Heritage

34 Heritage, a premium denim brand, caters to the Modern Gentleman with a focus on exceptional fit, comfort, and style. Beyond the classic 32” x 32”, they offer diverse fits for all shapes and sizes, meeting the needs and tastes of every gentleman. 34 Heritage jeans offers progressive and sophisticated design. Premium denim which combines the comfort and elegance of a trouser with the style of a jean.

34 Heritage Luxe Twill Shirt Pearl Blue-Men's Shirts-S-Howard-Surrey-Canada
34 Heritage Luxe Twill Shirt Bright White-Men's Shirts-S-Howard-Surrey-Canada
34 Heritage Arizona High Flyer Shorts Walnut SS24-Men's Shorts-29-Howard-Surrey-Canada
34 Heritage Arizona High Flyer Shorts Black SS24-Men's Shorts-29-Howard-Surrey-Canada
34 Heritage Courage Pants Iron Cord FW23-Men's Pants-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
34 Heritage Courage Pants Ink Rome FW23-Men's Pants-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
34 Heritage Cool Pants Cashew Brushed Twill FW23-Men's Pants-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada