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If it's denim... if it goes with denim... you'll probably find it at Howard Clothing!


Who we are

I am Chris Martin and I opened Howard in South Surrey in 2012. I am also co-founder of The Fold, a small group of independent stores created with previous employees. We grow The Fold by empowering the Bold, the Brave, and the Driven to build their OWN unique ventures, supporting them along the way with our combined knowledge, experience, and support. I think that's pretty damn cool. If you think it's cool too, and you'd like to be the boss of your own shop one day, I'd like to meet you. Reach out and tell us why you're amazing.

Contact Us

Address: 15745 Croydon Dr #110, Surrey, BC V3Z 2L5

Phone: +1 (604) 385-2613

Hours: Mon - Fri 10AM - 7PM, Sat - Sun 10AM - 6PM


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    For over a decade, we've been giving regular guys rock-star confidence by providing quality products, mostly crafted in America... Indie brands you're not gonna see on every other guy in town (and nothing made in China). With over 1000 jeans in stock, your next favorite pair is waiting for you.